Anchor Bolts

Industrial Bolts

Brief definition

As you know, different tools are invented and produced for different industries and different projects. Some of these tools are small and some are big, and their existence is considered vital for the safety and installation of all kinds of structures.

One of these small but important tools is called anchor bolt, which is used to install and secure all kinds of important structures such as elevators, escalators, and the like.

  • Steel alloy anchor bolt standard: ASTM A 193 Gr. B7;
  • High carbon steel bolt anchor standard: ASTM A 325 or A 321;
  • Medium carbon steel anchor bolt standard: ASTM F 1554 Gr. 55;
  • Low carbon steel anchor bolt standard: ASTM A 307 Gr. A or A 36.
Material and construction

Chemical bolt anchor

Chemical anchor bolt is also known as planting glue and is used in reinforced concrete to increase the bearing capacity of concrete and create more adhesion between concrete and rebar. Chemical anchors bolt have no restrictions for planting and can be used in any diameter and depth.

Mechanical anchor bolt or roll bolt

A group of anchor bolts that are mechanically placed in holes in concrete are called roll bolts or mechanical anchor bolts. Components of a mechanical anchor bolt or roll bolt include a cylindrical piece of nut and washer and a roll screw with a conical head.

Anchor bolt has many uses in different industries, here we are mentioning some of these uses:
  • Partition installation and design of double-walled and single-walled office partitions;
  • Assisting in the installation and implementation of hospital equipment that must be installed on the ceiling and wall;
  • Helping in the construction of prefabricated concrete panels, which help to install and implement the metal facade of the building, which is done by using iron facade.
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