Application of bolts in the construction industry

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Everything you need to know about BOLTs and NUTs!

You who are reading this article probably have at least a basic acquaintance with bolts and nuts; But in general, and to begin with, it is better to say that the bolt is made of a cylindrical stem that has a series of grooves on its body, which is usually called a thread; In addition, it has a head that can be a circle, square or hexagon, depending on the type of bolt.

What are the uses of bolts and nuts in industry?

Bolts and nuts have many, many uses in industry; I can say that it is impossible to imagine many industries without bolts and nuts. Bolts with nuts are generally used to fasten the devices and connect different components to each other.

Generally speaking: 

  • Bolts and nuts are used to connect heavy structures, whether they are wooden or metal.
  • Bolts are used to connect wood to wood, wood to metal and metal to metal.
  • Bolts are also used to connect plastic and soft surfaces.

Properties of bolts and nuts

Bolts have an incredible ability to make connections. In general, these connections are so strong that they do not loosen for a long time. There are many types of bolts and nuts. The following should be considered when choosing bolts and nuts.

  • How many nuts are you going to need?
  • Bolt head diameter
  • Bolt body length
  • Material and type of end tip of the bolt and its type

Types of Bolts

In the following, we are going to describe some types of commonly used bolts and nuts.

  • Coach screw

This bolt is made of wood and is very large. A wrench must be used to secure this screw.

  • Self-tapping screw

This screw is mostly used when dealing with metal sheets and are usually made of iron or stainless steel. These screws have the ability to create holes when screwed and do not need to make holes to use them. Of course, it should be noted that these screws should not be confused with the self drilling screws.

  • Machine bolts

All bolts that have a square or hexagonal head are called machine bolts.

  • Hexagon head bolts

These bolts are very popular and widely used. These bolts have different types, among which we can mention the corrugated hexagon nuts, welded hexagons, locking hexagons and washer hexagon nuts.

Types of Nuts

Now, if we want to name some types of nuts for you, we must mention the following:

  • Hexagonal nuts

The most common type of nuts that are available in a wide range of sizes and have many, many uses.

  • Square nuts

These nuts are mostly available in large sizes and are only used for square bolts.

  • Wing nuts

Feathered nuts are used in applications that require frequent adjustment. These nuts can sometimes be tightened by hand and etc.


Bolts and nuts play a very important role in industry; So if you are a member of a large community of builders, whether small or big, you must first know all the bolts and nuts so that you do not get confused in choosing them and you can have the best choice.

Do not worry, we are here to accompany you on this path. So if you have any questions, be sure to ask us.

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