What is a cap or dome nut?

Cap nuts, also known as closed nuts, or dome-shaped nuts, are nuts that protect the bolts and threads beneath them. In addition to their attractive performance, these nuts have a beautiful and clean appearance and increase the safety of your joints.

You may ask, what is the meaning of more safety? I must say that the appearance of this bolt, in addition to the unique beauty that it gives to the work surface, also prevents the bolts head from rusting. These two elements have made this nut one of the best options for the construction industries, boat industries, car industries, etc.

A very interesting point about these nuts is that they can be painted in a way that matches the surrounding surfaces and ultimately give a beautiful look to your product.

What are Cap nuts used for?

If a structure needs a smooth, polished cover, cap nuts are a great solution.

You can look for these Bolts in everything from airplanes to LED tabs and some cabinets.

What are the cap nuts made of, what are their types and what are their characteristics in general?

These nuts are made from a wide range of materials. These nuts can be made from stainless steel to brass and hundreds of other materials. The teeth of these nuts can be both large and small. You can use both of these nuts, but you should also consider the price difference.

These nuts come in different sizes and types; The crown of some nuts is short and some have long conical crowns; The wide range of sizes and designs gives the user a lot of choice and this is a big advantage. It should be noted that these nuts are made to withstand vibration. Also, the appearance of these nuts is such that they act like a washer with bolt on their own and spread the pressure on a larger surface to ultimately prevent damage to the bottom surface.


If you are looking for a strong connection, if you want a beautiful and shiny look for your product, if you want to increase the safety of your work and increase the useful life of your product, Cap Nuts are the best option for you. You can get this nut both galvanized and non-galvanized, and it depends on your budget and conditions. We are here to provide you with the best bolts and nuts.

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