Chromate conversion coating


Dichromate coating is a very resistant to corrosion and heat. Dichromate coating is a type of two-phase chemical corrosion resistant coating. This coating consists of placing two metals, aluminum and zinc, in an inorganic fibrous background next to each other. Compared to the corrosion-resistant coatings of the previous generation, it has significant features


According to the standards, articles and researches, for every 1 micrometer of coating applied on steel parts, they resist the spray salt test for 100 hours. A thickness of 10 to 12 microns is obtained for bolts and nuts with dichromate coating, which is suitable. This resistance is twice that of 50 to 60 microns in hot-dip galvanized coatings. The adhesion of this coating is excellent and it is a good alternative to hot and cold galvanized coatings. They offer far better properties.

Materials and construction

This special coating prevents the occurrence of chemical corrosion in various ways. The protective layer made of zinc and aluminum shells provides a suitable coating on the base metal. They also protect against corrosive agents and metal surfaces. The galvanic properties of this coating make it suitable for use in all corrosive environments where galvanized coatings are used with better performance and longer life. The presence of metal oxide in dichromate significantly reduces the amount of corrosion between steel and zinc, making the coating up to three times more resistant than the zinc coating.

Main Users

This coating is used to protect steel and cast iron parts from corrosion. Zinc and aluminum particles along with chromium adhesive are the main elements of the material. Dichromate coating or Chromate conversion coating has a kind of anti-friction property. This process, like many coatings, can be applied in a variety of ways. The main methods used according to the variety of products that are covered include two stages of spraying or immersion in the base solution and baking.

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