Counter Sunk Head Bolts

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What are the Counter Sunk Head Bolts and what do they look like?

These Bolts are similar in appearance to other Bolts and differ only in the shape of their heads. As you can see in the figure above, counter sunk head bolts do not have a spherical head unlike other bolts. These bolts come in a variety of sizes and lengths and can be all threaded or semi-threaded. Another important issue in using these bolts is that they can be covered with fillers or a series of special labels so that no trace of it remains on the work surface.

When are counter sunk head bolts used?

These bolts are used when a smooth surface is required at the end of the work. In other words, the bulge at the end of the bolt mustn’t be clear at the end. for example:

  • These bolts are mostly used in the decks of ships, boats and rails.
  • These bolts are used in delicate and joinery work.
  • One of the most popular industries that uses these types of bolts to a large extent is the cabinet industry or the table and chair industry. In addition to being strong enough, these industries are also looking for beauty. Exactly the two things that head bolts give them.

How can we use a counter sunk head bolt?

To use these bolts, you must follow the steps below:

Determine the location of the hole

  • Specify the position of each hole on your workpiece.

To use this bolt, we must first angle the hole created in the surface with special machines to be ready for the bolt to sink. These machines specially drill holes in wood or metal to prepare a conical seat for these bolts.

  • Different tools are used to make holes

In the first method, a hole and a conical hole are created together at the desired surface. This saves time.

In another type of device, two types of drills are used to create a suitable hole. So that the first drill does the drilling operation and the second drill gives it a conical shape.

This method takes more time but the result of this method is cleaner than the first case.

How to use counter sunk head bolt:

  • Choose the right size for your counter sunk head bolt.

You need to choose the right drill size for the drill bit according to the size of the counter sunk head bolt you want to use. The drills come in different sizes. Make sure counter sunk head bolt matches the loose conical hole.

  • Specify and adjust your required height.

Determine the height of your hole. This can be easily done with your device. Perform fitness test

After making the hole, test the bolt and see how it sits in the hole. This is very awkward because if the hole is short, the counter sunk head bolt will remain above the surface. And if it gets too perforated, it may not fix well or loosen after a while. By performing a fitness test on a test piece, you can better position the main hole.


If I want to make a general conclusion, I have to say that counter sunk head bolts are exactly like other bolts, except that they are designed to be level with the body in which they are installed.

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