Different Materials Used in Production of Nuts and Bolts

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Various materials can be used for the manufacture and production of bolts and nuts according to their strength and efficiency. Therefore, before buying bolts and nuts, you should make your purchase according to the place where they are used, so that they have the right quality and resistance. In this article, we’re mentioning some of the most important materials for the manufacture and production of bolts and nuts so that you can make a decision about buying bolts and nuts with a clearer view.

Stainless steel bolts and nuts

Stainless steel bolts and nuts can be produced from the combination of low carbon steel and chrome with specific ratios. These types of bolts are one of the most used types of bolts and nuts in the market, and the main reason for this is their use. This bolt and nut is used in wet places that corrode due to the moisture of the bolt and nut. In general, this type of bolt has a high resistance to corrosion.

Steel bolts and nuts

In the bolt and nut production industry, steel is also used a lot, and by means of it, you can refer to black or plated bolts and nuts with zinc raw material. All grades of steel bolts and nuts are divided by the international standard. To recognize grades 8.8 and 10.9, you can pay attention to the blue and pale yellow colors (respectively) that these colors are zinc material, which is used to prevent rusting on steel bolts and nuts.

Silicon bronze bolts and nuts

From the combination of copper and silicon alloys, it is possible to produce silicon bronze bolts and nuts. The alloy structure of these bolts and nuts is very high resistance against the corrosion caused by the salts in the sea water. Therefore, this type of bolt is used in marine structures such as ships, boats or oil rigs and underwater pipes.

Aluminum bolts and nuts

Due to the unique properties of aluminum, which is known as a flexible and light metal, and in addition to these features, it also has a high resistance to corrosion, just like stainless steel bolts and nuts, it can be used in cases where corrosion occurs; He used this type of bolts and nuts. In addition to the mentioned items, this material has a high resistance to surface scratches. Aluminum bolts and nuts can be produced using different types of aluminum alloy, the most important of which is the combination with iron, zinc, copper, silicon, manganese, etc., and each of these materials has different proportions with aluminum. They are alloyed. The use of these alloys in aluminum bolts and nuts increases the resistance of bolts and nuts against tension, pressure, heat, etc.

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