Brief definition

Flat washer is one of the simplest and most available washers. This washer is used to distribute the load with relatively high tension. The weight and load introduced during the tightening of the bolt and nut are restrained and divided by the flat washer.


Flat washer standard is DIN 125 and ISO 7089/7090 and U.S.S. Likewise, standard or American standard flat washers have a larger outer diameter and thickness than metric standard flat washers. As a result, they have more weight in the same diameter.

Material and construction

Flat shaped washers are made from different materials. Usually, on some washers, terms such as A4 Stainless Steel or 316 are mentioned, which indicates its material. In addition, stainless steel materials with grades A2 and A4 are resistant to corrosive environments. It should be noted that in the connection of galvanized or electroplated bolts and nuts, the washer must also have the same type of electroplating according to the standard.


This washer can be placed under the head of the screw as well as on the nut, that is, in the places where it is in contact with the surface of the bed, and it will make the connection stronger. Bed washers are prepared and produced in various sizes and thicknesses, and according to the environmental conditions and the project, they are available to the applicant in self-colored and white (galvanized, cold, warm and dichromate).

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