DIN 931 – Hexagon head bolts with shank

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Hexagon head bolts are used in industry or construction and produced in many types and forms. Today, one of the most widely used and common types of bolts are DIN 931 – Hexagon head bolts with shank. At present, it is purchased in different markets and used in different industries all over the world every year. The name of These bolts came from the shape and form of the hexagon head section.

Materials and construction

Produced from steel, titanium, steel, etc. DIN 931 – Hexagon head bolts with shank which Polad pich kar company have been producing them, have been analyzed by the technical office of engineering and is optimized for production in all sizes.

Main Users

DIN 931 – Hexagon head bolts with shank alongside Stud Bolts have many applications in flange connections. They are also used in telecommunication towers.

Polad Pich Kar Company is proud to offer this product with the highest quality compared to similar samples in foreign and domestic markets. For more information and to order the product, contact us.
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DIN 931 – Hexagon head bolts with shank

Articles, Industrial Bolts

تعریف اجمالی

پیچ‌های شش گوش نیم رزوه یا DIN 931 مورد استفاده در صنعت و یا ساختمان سازی است و انواع گوناگونی دارند. امروزه یکی از پر استفاده‌ترین و معمول ترین نوع پیچ ها، پیچ شش گوش است. در حال حاضر در سرتاسر جهان هرساله در بازارهای مختلف، خریداری و در صنایع مختلف مورد استفاده قرار می‌گیرد. این پیچ‌ها به دلیل شکل و فرم ظاهری بخش سر پیچ که به حالت شش گوش است، به این نام معروف شده‌اند.

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