DIN 933

DIN 933 is a large bolt with a hexagonal head that is mostly used for connecting wood to wood or wood to metal. These bolts, like other types of bolts and nuts, come in different sizes and can be said to vary in size from 1.4 to 4 inches. DIN 933 bolts are also called wrench bolts.

Sometimes bolt’s head called flower bolts. There are two types of wreaths, small and large. Each of them is used in different structures.

But if we want to look at the standard and universal form of this bolt, these bolts have a hexagonal head that can have different threads and lengths. Threads like these bolts are large and very strong.

For using DIN 933 bolts we also almost all the time we need Hexagonal nuts.

What does DIN mean?

You might want to know what DIN means in general. Din actually stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung, which means German Institute for Standardization. There is a theory that German national standards are likely to replace European standards.

It is interesting to know that there is another bolt called DIN 931 and we should not confuse it with the 933 model. The Model 933 has a full hexagon cap, while the Model 931 has a partial hexagonal head But the thread of both models is large.

Din 933 bolts, also referred to on some sites as DIN 933 Hex Head Cap bolts, are fasting. To use these bolts, it is necessary to first drill the desired surface and use a nut to tighten the two surfaces.

The dimensions of these bolts are similar to ISO 4017 and are available in classes 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 and are available in Class 70 (A2-70, A4-70) stainless steel.

These bolts, like other type of bolts, can have a series of coatings, such as zinc, that make them resistant to corrosion. Without this cover, this bolt might rust.


When you search for DIN on the Internet, you will also come across a phrase called ISO. These two terms refer to the exporting country, for example, DIN refers to the German Standardization Institute and ISO refers to the International Standardization Institute. These two criteria can be converted into each other.

What material are Din 933 Bolts made of?

These bolts, like other types of bolts and nuts, can be made from different materials; Such as stainless steel, low carbon steel, carbon alloy steel. Nickel alloy and etc.

What are Din 933 Bolts used for?

Heavy parts are made into inseparable joints using this bolt. This bolt is mostly used to connect parts that are subject to impact, vibration or periodic pressure. This bolt can be used especially in cases where an adjustable mechanism is needed.

The interesting thing about this bolt is its hexagonal head, which makes it easy to open and close it with a wrench. These bolts are used in full of tension, moving and heavy constructions.

Large industries such as dam and bridge construction, machinery, railway industry, etc. will be practically useless without this type of bolts. You may be interested to know that this bolt is also used in the construction of space shuttles and rockets.

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