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Brief definition

A nut with a washer is a type of nut that has a washer attached to it. It means that it creates a good and high-quality connection without the need for additional washers. Also, the grooves in the washers of these nuts prevent them from opening or loosening easily after closing.


A nut with a washer can create a good and solid connection for us without the need for an additional washer. Moreover, due to the grooves in the washer of this nut, it will not loosen or loosen easily.

Material and construction

These nuts are available in steel, iron and steel in the market. You can contact our consultants for advice on the application of each type according to your needs. For this, it is enough to refer to the contact us section or touch the button at the end of this article.

place of use

This Nut is widely used in many industries such as automobile manufacturing, some home appliances such as chandeliers, etc.

Polad Pich Kar Company is proud to offer this product with the highest quality compared to similar samples in foreign and domestic markets. For more information and to order the product, contact us.
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