Hexagon Head Bolts

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What are hexagon Head Bolts?

Hexagonal Head Bolts are kind of  bolts which have a hexagonal head. These bolts are very common, especially when it comes to construction or repair, the reason is they have much strength needed. The hexagonal heads of these bolts allow us to fasten them with a wrench, hence they are also called wrench bolts. In other words, they are much easier to use against bolts that do not have corner heads.

Types of wrench bolts

Hexagon bolts in terms of thread can be divided into two general categories:

  • Full thread Bolts
  • Partial thread Bolts

Below is a picture of both types of screws so you can understand the difference between these two types:

All of these Bolts come in many different types, sizes, and diameters. This feature of hexagonal Bolts makes it possible to use it in many different applications such as petrochemical, oil and gas industries, construction industry, fittings of various machines and water and wastewater industry.

Now the question may arise for you should be, with all this diversity, which one is more suitable for you?

The best way is to choose a hexagon Bolt which has the best material according to the conditions. Each type of hexagon Bolt has special properties, each of which is suitable for specific applications.

In the next section, we will mention some types of hexagonal Bolts.

Stainless steel hexagon screws:

These Bolts are one of the most popular types of stainless steel ones. Stainless hex Bolts have no cover and are self-corrosion resistant.

Carbon steel hexagon Bolts:

These Bolts are used at times when corrosion is more likely. So Bolts that are more resistant to corrosion should be used. Stainless steel Bolts have a zinc coating and that is why they have this property.

Hexagon Bolts made of different kind of  alloy:

These types of hexagonal Blots are made to withstand a lot of weight and pressure per inch or square meter. These Bolts, like carbon screws, have a cadmium or zinc coating, and this property makes them more resistant to corrosion.


In this article, in addition to getting acquainted with the types of hexagon Bolts, we have a good understanding of the fact that they have many applications. This type of Bolts are widely used in large and medium metal structures, sports stadiums and skyscrapers. When using Bolts, keep in mind that choosing the right Bolt is very important, so if you have any questions or feel you need help, you can contact us.

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