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Introduction of hexagonal Nuts

As the name implies, hexagon Nuts have hexagons. Hexagon Nuts are just as common as hexagon Bolts. In general, this hexagonal shape makes the packages popular not only in Bolts and Nuts but also in other types of fastening.

Application of hexagon Nuts

These types of Nuts are used in many cases today and are very common. These Nuts can be used to make furniture, to make or repair home furniture, to build, or even to play with toys, cars, and thousands more.

Have you ever wondered why Nuts are made hexagonal? even though Nuts can have any other shape? The answer to this question is in the efficiency.

for example:

  • It is easier to rotate hexagon Nuts

The hexagonal nature of these Nuts makes them easier to rotate. Let me explain more. With the hexagonal head of the Nuts, you only have to move your hand one-sixth of a circle to tighten the wrench in place. The hexagonal nature of these Nuts makes them easier to rotate.

On the other hand, if the vertebrae have more than hexagons, they may be completely broken or damaged. For this reason, being hexagonal has become the most prominent case in which bolts are made.

  • Is an accepted standard in the world

It is true that the most important reason for the popularity of hexagonal Nuts is that they are easier to use, but it is also important that this shape of Nuts are strangely accepted as a standard in the world. All consumers and businesses in the world use these types of bolts. If the fastening did not have a fixed shape, problems might arise in some cases; But hexagonal Nuts have also solved this problem.

This type of nut is used with many types of screws and is used next to them to connect metal and wood components. The connections made through these nuts are very strong and prevent the components from getting moved or pulled.

To be more precise:

  • This nut is used in the joints of various types of carbon steels, stainless steels and plastics;
  • Used in simple payments or superficial levels;
  • Used to connect surfaces the size of several inches or several meters;
  • For surfaces that are exposed to vibration with a strong locking mechanism prevents them from vibrating;
  • Suitable for use in cold and hot conditions;
  • These beads are available in sizes from 3.8 to 8 inches.


You can use any kind of Bolt and Nut in your tasks, but be aware that using these Nuts are much more common than other types (except in very, very special cases). The use of hexagonal Bolts creates a strong clamp and is easier to use. All of this convinces everyone to use these Nuts to do their job.

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