Hexagon Thin Nuts

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Perhaps the first image that comes to mind when hearing the name of a hexagon nut is a hexagon! This image is correct and in fact it can be said that the name of this nut is taken from its appearance. Thin hexagon nut also is in the shape of a hexagon and differs from hexagon nuts in their thickness.


Standard hexagon nuts are produced in metric system. This type of nuts used for connection to half-thread or full-thread hexagonal screws and bolts and allen screws. Contact us to buy hexagon nuts in any size.


Materials and production

Hexagon nuts are made of different materials such as iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel.

Main Users

Hexagon nut is the most common type of nut used in industry and it can be said that it is used in general for all industrial applications! The reason for this popularity can be attributed to its high strength. If we want to name specific industries that use this nut model, we can refer to petrochemical industries, oil and gas industries, construction industry (construction of sheds, steel structures, bridges, buildings and large structures, etc.), fittings for various types of machines. Tools (road construction, agriculture, injection, etc.) and the water and wastewater industry.

Polad Pich Kar Company is proud to offer this product with the highest quality compared to similar samples in foreign and domestic markets. For more information and to order the product, contact us.
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