Plain Washers

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There are many different types of washers, such as flat washers, spring washers, lock washers, shoulder washers,…

But today we want to talk about plain washers. These washers are actually a round metal plate with an inner hole through which Bolts are inserted. Simple washers are sometimes called flat washers.

These washers are the most common type of washer. That said, even if you have never done anything in the field of construction, you are also familiar with these type of washers.

Simple washers do not help lock most of your joints, but rather prevent damage to the connection surface. In other words, the washers help to distribute the pressure on the connection surface and not damage the connection surface. The use of washers is especially important when you decide to work on soft materials or insert screws into large or slotted holes.

These washers do not connect more surfaces but provide more reliable connections and are therefore extremely important. If you do not use washers in your connections, you will definitely shorten the life of your product, and sometimes this is a disaster.

What are the sizes that flat or plain washers produced?

In the table below you can see the different sizes of washers.

Where are the washers used?

Plain washers are connected somewhere between the head of the bolt or nut and the bottom surface, thereby dissipating the applied pressure.

As mentioned in the previous sections, these washers have many, many uses. for example:

  • In assembling and manufacturing all kinds of furniture
  • Goods with mechanical systems such as washing machines
  • Large and small metal structures such as stairs and …

Plain washer material

:Plain washers can be made of:

  • Brace
  • ceramic
  • Steel
  • And be stainless steel (of course, it is noteworthy that the washers have different grades in terms of stainlessness)

It is interesting to know that washers can have a series of coatings such as

  • Transparent coating
  • Nickel plated
  • Cover
  • And chrome plated

Each of these coatings can give different properties to the washers.


If we want to provide you with the information in this section in the form of an abstract, we must say that the washers have no effect on locking most of the connections and it is used for uniform pressure distribution. Simple washers can be used as a smooth surface to tighten nuts or bolts.

Simple washers can have different prices depending on their material, diameter and thickness, but are generally less expensive. These simple washers have a very long life and can even be reused (if not hit). These washers are extremely popular for both home and industrial use.

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