Slotted Castle Nuts

Industrial Nuts
Brief definition

A slotted nut is a type of nut that has appendages on its upper part that can be used to lock the nut into the screw and prevent the nut from opening. This type of nut is made in two ways. The first type is known as Castle nut and the other type is Slotted. In the rest of this article, we will talk more about this type of bead.


The standard used in Slotted nuts varies, some common standards among these nuts are DIN 935, DIN 937 and DIN 979.

Material and construction

The name of the Castle nut is due to the similarity of this nut to the towers of medieval European castles. It is true that sometimes this nut is also referred to as Slotted nut due to their similarity, but technically these two nuts have differences. Castle nuts are round, while in the slotted type, these are in the continuation of the building of the nut and seen as angular. These nuts are usually made of steel, iron or other metals, but plastic nuts are also made for plastic bolts.


Usually, these nuts are mostly used in the automotive industry and agricultural machinery. The slotted part of these nuts can have a great locking effect. Also, one of the most famous applications of the castle nut is its use in the automotive industry to keep the front wheel bearings and wheel hubs on the spindles of cars and trucks.

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