Socket Bolts

Industrial Bolts
Brief definition

Socket head cap bolts are also known as hex socket cap bolts or abbreviated. It is a knurled bolt with a hex socket in the head for attaching an Allen key. These socket head cap bolts are available with either a curved head or a plain head.


These bolts have two different standard systems, inch system and metric system. The difference between these two types of systems is in the conical angles of the flat head bolts. The mismatch of the bolt with the cone angle of the intended hole can cause early failure of the connecting bolt.

Material and construction

Socket hex bolts are generally made of stainless steel. Carbon steel alloy and alloy steel, which are other types of materials in the production of bolts, are also used in the production of this type of bolts and nuts, according to the needs of the consumer. One of the advantages of using these materials is a higher level of performance and greater strength. When choosing a bolt, you should strictly note that the manufacturer adheres to the relevant requirements and you should pay attention to choose a bolt with appropriate performance grades for sustainable use.


Some of the applications of socket bolts are the construction and production of industrial machines, automotive industries, power plants, some metal structures, pipe connections in petrochemical industries, etc.

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