Spring Washer or Split lock

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Washers generally have two types of springs or flats. Spring washer also known as lock washers is placed between the bolt and nut, It is a piece separated from its two edges and looks like a spring spiral ring. Spring washers are commonly used with steel flat washers.


The point that should be considered when buying a spring washer is that the required standards are observed in DIN 217. That said this standard is the essential standard that you should pay attention when buying a spring washer.

Materials and construction

If the purchased spring washer standards have been met, the spring washer must be in good condition. This is because of the quality alloy used during its production. The most suitable alloy in the production of spring washers is usually steel, but plastic, brass and copper are also used in its production.

Main Users

Spring washers are commonly used in construction such as bridges, rail roads and other structures, petrochemical and car manufacturing industries.

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