In order to connect flanges and metal parts, There are many types of bolt connection that being uses in industry, one of them types is called Stud Bolt. This bolts are consists of an all-thread bolt and two nuts. These types of joints have ribs on both sides and can be connected on both sides. The structure of these bolts are often made of steel, which are also produced in different grades of steel.


The most commonly used and important standards in the Stud bolt are:

  • The ASTM A 193 standard for bolt;
  • The ASTM A 194 standard for nut.

The main constituents of Bolts are alloy steel and stainless steel, and it is used in cases where pipelines, valves, flanges and fittings are under high pressure and temperature. Also, the length of the stud bolt is calculated according to ASMEB 16.5 standard.

-195° to 102°CASTM A182 Gr. F304, F304L, F316, F316L, F321, F347A320 Gr.B8 Class2A194 Gr.8A
-101° to -47°CASTM A350 Gr.LF3A320 Gr.L7A194 Gr.7
-46° to -30°CASTM A350 Gr.LF3A320 Gr.L7A194 Gr.7
-29° to 427°CASTM A105A193 Gr.B7A194 Gr.2H
428° to 537°CASTM A182 Gr.F11, F22A193 Gr.B16A194 Gr.2H
538° to 648°CASTM A182 Gr.F11, F22A193 Gr.B8 Class1A194 Gr.8A
649° to 815°CASTM A182 Gr. F304H, F316HA193 Gr.B8 Class1A194 Gr.8A
Note.. Materials in the table above are being provided for guidance purposes
Materials and construction

The production process of Stud Bolt is a relatively complex and precise process due to their sensitive performance (in terms of load and tolerable temperature). The coating used in these bolts varies from different types ranging from Teflon and galvanized to stainless steel.

Main Users

A wide range of industries, including the construction industry, the mining and machinery production industries, the automotive industry, the cement industry, and the water and wastewater industry, are the main users of the stud bolt.

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